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It wasn’t long ago, but recently one of our clients called up at approximately 2:30 am desperately in need of help. When we rushed quickly to the site, just within 20 minutes, we found that the client was out of the vehicle on a remote area with her pet locked inside the car. Being a responsible person, the client had gotten out of the car to speak over the phone with her family member who had been checking up on her. But just upon getting out, the door shut itself as a gust of wind hit the car door. When she looked inside, she found that she had locked the doors unknowingly with her pet still inside the vehicle. Indeed, it was quite a horrifying situation to be in.

Thankfully, Covington WA Locksmith Store reached the place in a few minutes and quickly unlocked the car door. Within a matter of minutes, she had access to her car and she was on the road driving happily, once again! This is just one of our countless rescue stories. We’ve helped hundreds of clients in Covington, WA area and can provide services as and when needed.

Who are we?

Covington WA Locksmith Store has been functioning as the most reliable 24-hour mobile locksmith service provide for over ten years now. We started out as a humble firm that took it upon itself to provide excellent locksmith services as and when the community needed it. Today, we have grown to be the number one locksmithing firm in the entire Covington, WA area, and have extended our services for 24/7. All thanks to the fleet of mobile locksmith vehicles we own that are stocked with some of the finest tools and technology that aids us in resolving locksmith situations.

Our mobile services:

Why would you need 24-hour mobile locksmith services? Well, there are many scenarios in which the need for a mobile locksmith is inevitable:

You’re locked out of your car:

Covington WA Locksmith Store Covington, WA 253-954-3650When you are locked out of your car in a remote area, with absolutely no one to help around, the only ones you can trust your personal security with are the mobile locksmiths of Covington WA Locksmith Store. We not only provide impeccable 24-hour mobile locksmith services, but also would provide the much needed comfort at that moment.

You’re locked out of your home:

Being locked out of your house may not be as frightening as being caught in a car lockout. But nevertheless, it would have great ramifications when they occur during off-hours or when you least expect it such as during the midnight, or when you have to quickly retrieve something important from the house. Call us for quick resolutions!

You need to get your locks changed:

Sometimes, you would need swift lock replacement service, especially, after a break-in. In cases such as that, you can’t possibly wait until the morning to avail the services of a locksmith. Hence, calling up for the services of a 24-hour mobile locksmith is the only solution!

Want the services of a 24-hour mobile locksmith in Covington? Then call Covington WA Locksmith Store at 253-954-3650